Villa Botanica

The Ultimate in Whitsunday Weddings

Whitsunday weddings are rapidly becoming the first choice for brides across Australia and Villa Botanicais now not only the jewel in the crown of Whitsunday wedding venues, it’s also regarded as the most beautiful and intimate wedding venue in the country. Villa Botanica’s famous Whitsunday weddings now attract couples from around the world, who wish to have their ceremonyphotographyreception, and bridal accommodation all in the one exquisite location

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Whale Whatching

THE ‘Humpback Highway’ is set to hit peak hour as more than 11,500 whales migrate past our coastline for the warmer waters off Queensland.

The first humpbacks to migrate are usually younger male and non-pregnant females, with pregnant females the last to head north after gorging themselves in Antarctic waters before making the 7000km journey.

To ensure the survival of their calves, mothers must produce 600 litres of extremely rich milk a day.

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Whitsunday Island Day Trippers regularly report whale sightings’ from June to mid September. Plan you holiday to meet the gentle giants of the sea.

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Sailing in Whitsundays

There is excitement in the air once again for the sailing of 22st annual Airlie Beach race week, held. from the 12th to the 18th of August 2011

Last year over 100 entries enjoyed the perfect sailing conditions offered by Whitsundays. So whether you are bringing your own yacht or chartering one you should join in the fun and stay at the Summit Apartments.

Join the friendly after race fun and social events at Abel Point Marina and the Airlie Beach Yacht Club with live music and celebrations every night.


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